Why Use WordPress

WordPress is a platform for publishing, utilized for creating blogs and websites. It facilitates a user interface that is highly customizable.

All over the world, WordPress powers very many websites and a lot of huge brands utilize WordPress such as CNN, People Magazine and New York Times Blogs and even Ford.

If such huge players make use of WordPress, this means it is good enough for you as well!

Why You Need to Create Your Website on WordPress

WordPress is Here to Stay

WordPress is an open source Content Management System (CMS) and since August 2011, it has made a huge impact in the world. WordPress powers millions of leading websites in the globe.

Web designers praise WordPress and so do web developers, because it is simple to use. This is partly why it has gained a lot of popularity and the reason it keeps growing rapidly.

WordPress Does is not just about Blogging

A while back, whenever someone mentioned blogging, what came to everyone’s mind instantly was blogging. It remains the most ideal solution to utilize for blogging; however, it has greatly advanced and turned into an extremely broad. Content Management Suite utilized to power a lot of varied kinds of websites, such as job boards, business sites and sites that     have classified ads, etc.

WordPress is Affordable as its Free!

It would be very costly to attain a custom developed CMS, which would work similar to WordPress . It is not necessary to reinvent the wheel as WordPress is available freely and can be customized. Most WordPress, plugins are also free.

Normally, these plugins are not just free but also open source. This signifies that to WordPress, if necessary, you can edit them.

1.    WordPress is Adaptable

A wonderful element about WordPress, mentioned above is  that it is totally open source. This signifies that the source code utilized to operate WordPress is present to the general community.

This means that any person in the world can change the code if required and customize WordPress to suit their needs.

Therefore, any person on earth can adjust the code if need be and customize WordPress even more, to their requirements. Normally, this is not compulsory; however, it also means whatever themes (templates) and plugins formed for the platform are open source also!

Picture a global community working in harmony to include more features as well as functionality to WordPress; this does not limit you to just having the capability of using developers or workers to create customizations. So, this is a strong CMS system prepared to do what you require it to do. It is adaptable and simple to customize.

WordPress is SEO Friendly

Search engines like Google adore WordPress as it utilizes code that is well written. In case you want to embark on Search Engine Optimization, for your website or blog, the ideal method to use is WordPress.

It is simple to add new, important content with WordPress, to your website. This is recommended highly as a section of your online marketing          plan,as it informs search engines that your site is functioning, raising the rank of your website and your prospects of being discovered through organic searches.

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How SEO Has Changed

As the years go by, there has been a change in regard to how algorithms for SEO (search engine optimization) work has evolved and altered.

The latest obvious illustrations are the presentation of Caffeine indexing system and Google Mayday algorithm which made long tail search terminologies more valuable and aimed to offer more targeted outcomes.

How SEO has altered

Previously, SEO was not very technical and only a number of key elements were included to a site that would enable it to rank top in the search engines. Previous outcomes depended on establishing keyword rich content, on-page optimization and link structure to attain sufficient ranking to begin more flow of traffic to a website straight from the search engine.

The change of times has led to SEO change; methods and techniques have become a lot more different and in some instances, outcomes can be more difficult to achieve. But, this skill is valuable, as search engine optimization plays a very important part in the success of marketing and online business.

By attaining top rankings in a search engine, you can be assured that this is accompanied by well targeted traffic, being directed to your website.

In the world of SEO, it is regularly stated that ‘content is king.’  When your website features unique, important content which is relevant, crawling search engine spiders shall locate the data they require to correctly rank the site.

Nowadays, all important search engines also have great respect for superior older content, which claims authority on the topic you are writing about. It is not advisable to use keyword stuffing and this should be avoided. This is because after a search engine crawls on a page such as this, it is very possible that it shall be penalized and lose ranking. This means your optimization work that you worked hard at, will be lost.

Use of Social Networking Websites

Another main region to search ranking is utilization of social networking websites like Twitter and Facebook. Social media provides a wonderful method of not just creating brand awareness, but also setting up a valued connecting organization to your website.

Websites for social networking are inhabited by millions of users each day, providing firms with a wonderful chance to direct important data at a targeted audience. In addition, social media enables you to link with existing and prospective clients, offering you an opportunity to provide data, answer queries, prevent crises and solve issues. It also provides expert customer service in real-time.

Similar to any marketing strategy, you need to make meticulous plans for your social media tactic; watch and listen to talks that are helpful to your services, study the ideal area to establish a social media presence and install tracking and monitoring plans before you begin.

Video Optimization

Another area, which can assist ranking position, is video optimization when utilized in the correct manner. Previously, it was extremely costly to create videos and in general, just media-based firms had the ability to utilize them.

Currently, this is not the situation anymore since YouTube has produced a design of videos that is more ‘realistic’ and less polished, attainable with cost-friendly digital video cameras.

YouTube presents the second hugest search engine worldwide and individuals are making use of it to get visual responses to their queries. Videos can include an extra feature to your firm’s marketing method and offer data in a manner that can be easily accessed by your customers.

Multimedia enables massive reach of social media. So it is easy to optimize each of your content, for instance by including links, images, optimized videos and pictures to press releases so as to raise their efficacy.

SEO has progressed from simply keywords; it relies on your authority, brand and audience reach.